Don’t forget to put your purchases through TBI to get your 4%  DON’T MISS OUT!

Just click on your MEMBER ZONE and follow the simple steps below to ensure you get 4% on all the purchase orders you process through The BIG Incentive.


1/  Make sure your PURCHASE ORDER has the following information on it…  Address it as:  ‘TO THE BIG INCENTIVE, FOR… (Insert the brand name and address you would like your purchase order placed with in full here)

2/  Go to your Member Zone by clicking the MEMBERS AREA button at the top right of the page

3/  Go to ‘MAKE A CLAIM’

4/  Enter your new PURCHASE ORDER (MUST be original P/O, not invoice copy)

5/  Only ONE BRAND AND/OR SUPPLIER per entry

6/  Upload your .pdf scan of the Purchase Order

7/  Enter the Nett £ value of the P/O (£1 = 1 point)

8/  Then click SUBMIT

As soon as we get your New Claim, we will quickly check it and in 99% of cases, immediately approve it.

Once it’s approved it will automatically go to the supplier and branch you have chosen for processing your order, and your 4% in gift points will be credited to your account for spending.

We will of course send you an email confirming your points and the new total to spend and remind you of all the lovely gifts in our online shop to spend them on!

Any queries on this, please email who can help.

Redeem your points in your ONLINE SHOP – Over 200 gifts to choose from already…  Or contact our CONCIERGE TEAM for anything you can’t find, we’ll be pleased to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special