The ONLY incentive programme and website designed to benefit installers and brands alike.

For installers, The BIG Incentive is the only place to look for the latest offers on all the leading air con equipment and accessories. On top of the best prices and offers ALL IN ONE PLACE, members will also receive 4% in incentive bonus on top. Spend that in our Online Shop or call our bespoke Concierge service to tailor-make your reward for you. 

The BIG Incentive is designed to support you while you are working hard, and give you everything you might need for your well deserved chill out time.

There is no reason not to be part of The BIG Incentive, and there’s a great big 4% cash back bonus points reason to JOIN UP TODAY.


Points are awarded on ‘Purchase Orders’ or ‘Invoice Copies’ processed through The BIG Incentive. Please follow the instructions below to ensure we can get your 4% in gift points to you quickly.

  1. Go to to see all the latest product offers and promotions from all the brands involved in The BIG Incentive

  2. Go in to your Member Zone and upload your new purchase order or invoice copy, then click SUBMIT

  3. TBI receive the purchase order or invoice copy and swiftly approve or disprove the claim. Points are then credited instantly for members to spend.

  4. Members will receive an email confirming their new spend. They just then need to go to and go shopping! 

  5. All orders received will be processed as soon as possible. 

The BIG Incentive… The ONE STOP SHOP for all your air conditioning purchases


The BIG Incentive are sales agents for all the brands involved, so we are able to offer you a great 4% in gift bonus points straight back, for purchasing through The BIG Incentive.

We have carefully selected brands that we feel are complementary to each other and will give you the perfect solution to ANY air con installation you might have.

Don’t forget… you earn 4% on ALL Purchase Orders or Invoice Copies from ANY of the brands involved, you aren’t just restricted to one manufacturer and their points with The BIG Incentive.